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100% vegan
Vegan sun related beauty products produced on Bali Indonesia

Our goal is, to preserve nature, to help the local community, and last but not least, to help YOU protecting your skin from environmental influences and make the world a better place, by providing safe products. All products are made from raw natural materials, we try to be as sustainable as possible, by using biodegradable and recycled packaging. Since we´re outdoor lovers, we wanted to create a product that is convenient for all our favorite activities. A SUNSCREEN WITHOUT CHEMICALS THAT WOULDN´T STING YOUR EYES, LEAVES YOUR HANDS GREASY & IS SAFE FOR THE OCEAN! We measure our success by environmental, social, and economic vitality. In the same way that our products are good for the people, our business must be good for the community, our customers, our vendors, and the land from which they are sourced. We use ingredients from the island, to support the local economy and to establish a unique product with the characteristic fragrances of Bali. Locally farmed products are coconuts, coffee, green tea, spirulina, and Plumeria (Frangipani) We also support environmental restoration and education projects. It is really important to us to get the message out there, how harmful these toxins are! We want to build awareness about this problem throughout the community and to approach government officials. By using the network of the local environmentalists we also reach a bigger audience in a short term. We would love to see Bali and all of Indonesia to follow the good example of Hawaii, which was one of the first islands in the world that, COMPLETELY BANNED CHEMICAL SUNCARE PRODUCTS!

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