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100% vegan
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Vegan Bear Chef Vegan Bear Chef Vegan Bear Chef Vegan Bear Chef Vegan Bear Chef

Vegan Bear Chef is dedicated to producing and selling ready-to-heat meals, organize catering and workshops.

The brand Revolutionary Veggieese is a new kind of vegan cheese based on fresh and locally grown vegetables, without nuts, coconut oil, preservatives and saturated fat:
– Caciolfiore – soft and creamy cheese made from cauliflower, available also with Italian Herbs!
– Patatino – semi-dried and peppery cheese made from potato, available in 5 different tastes: Cumin, Sambal, Rosemary and Truffle Tapenade.
– Carotella – smoked and soft cheese made from sweet potato and carrots.

Check on the website for the available dishes: ready to be heated up in the classic oven or with the microwave. Super fresh: they are made order by order to prevent waste and guarantee the best freshness! Pick-up points and delivery options are available in Amsterdam, standard shipping is available in all Netherlands with Dpd.

Gabriele, the chef, is always available for catering and private dinners and events: from classic homestyle Italian dishes, to finger foods from all over the world, to fine dining for a special occasion.
Workshop and team-building activities are available too: food and fun work so well together!

100% vegan
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Vegan Bear Chef
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100% vegan
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